Saturday, September 1, 2012

In School this Week...

Monday:  We needed to focus on rebooting our household so school was limited and we cleaned up and took care of some things around the house.  We focused on Reading, Math, Piano, Timeline and History Reading.  We are supposed to work on our timeline on Friday's but we are behind so I wanted to make sure we caught up on that today.  It doesn't take long and is fun to do as well.

Tuesday: Kent and Katy were both struggling with newer math concepts today.  I think they've both figured them out now.  Felicity enjoyed playing with some horses that I put in her preschool box this morning.  She's been begging to play with them since I put them in there yesterday and she could see them through the box.

Wednesday:  We are now doing a full day of school on Wednesdays and our day "off" will be on Fridays.  Our volunteering has switched back to Fridays for this semester therefore the change in our schedule.  School went well all around.  We completed almost all of our together stuff first thing in the morning which worked well.  All the kids enjoyed drawing pictures of services and goods for history.  Even Felicity wanted me to draw a barrel and a stethoscope on her paper for her to scribble over.  She wanted to be like the big kids.

Thursday:  I found out Katy didn't do her English lesson yesterday.  She didn't think she had time to do it.  We had a talk about making sure you let me know if there is something you don't think you can do for whatever reason.  We started our day off in the garden.  Kent and Katy picked onions and everyone helped with some garden cleanup and yard cleanup.  When we came back inside we started school and completed science right away.  The kids had fun making molds with plastic animals in Play-doh to help them understand about fossils better.

Kent thought he was moving on to a new topic in math, but when I checked his schedule that isn't until next week.  Boy was I relieved, as my brain was already full and I wasn't sure that I would be the best at explaining it so he would understand.  Come next week we can tackle quotients and remainders.  Kaomi did a good job on her hand writing.  She started learning lowercase "d".  She got a little confused when she was trying to write bed, but she figured it out with a little help from me.

Friday:  This is our day "off" of school.  We often still have a few things to do, but our focus isn't on school.  Kent and Katy quickly worked through their English lessons and happily went off to play.  I made peach jam.  I though I was going to have a couple helpers, but they were all playing so nicely that I didn't make any of them join me.  After lunch I made a peach cobbler for dessert tonight and then we had storytime.  Kaomi was pretending to spell a word that she can read, so I suggested she sound it out and tell the names of the letters she hears.  She was so excited when she spelled "an" correctly that she wanted to write it down.  She and Katy got out the magnetic board and letters and had fun making words.

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