Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 7 in Our Homeschool - Fall 2013

When we have beautiful weather and the kids head outside of their own initiative I don't stop them.  We don't usually take our books outside, but I enjoy hearing them play and knowing that the fresh air and exercise will help them concentrate better on their lessons when they come back inside.  The constant opening and closing of the door, doesn't bother me on a nice day.  The traipsing back and forth through the house to the garage or upstairs to get something to help them in their imaginary play is fun to watch and see what happens.  There are certain things that don't go outside and may get stopped at the door, but when bicycles and balls start being pushed through the house I gently help them get to the destination without harming the furniture or walls.  The chalk dust brushes off easily, so even though it may look messy it cleans up easily.  The back step gets covered with dirt cakes and pies, but easily sweeps away or can be hosed off if needed.  Shoes are on feet and then shed either in the house or out and Clark has yet to figure out that he should take his socks off, too.  I don't allow this type of traipsing back and forth when it is muddy in the yard or when the air is too hot or cool.  Autumn is a great time to play outside all day long for many days here in our home.

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