Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Pictures from Katy's Birthday

 Happy Birthday, Katy!  I guess I didn't take any pictures of just the cake this time.  She had a strawberry layer cake with strawberry cream cheese icing and pink sprinkles.

Finding out that her present from Daddy and Mommy was a trip to the American Girl Store and she could pick out a doll.  We went to the American Girl Store the day after her birthday and invited Aunt Cathy, Johannah, and Samarah to go with us.  Kent and Clark got to stay home with Uncle Ben and play with Zach.
 At the American Girl Store Katy choose the Marie-Grace Doll and accessories.  Each of the other girls got to choose a mini-doll to take home, too.  Johannah choose Felicity and Samarah chose Elizabeth(?).  Felicity chose Nellie and Kaomi chose Marie-Grace.  Each of the mini dolls comes with a tiny book that tells a little of the story of the doll.

Here's the pictures of the boys.  This one of Kent and Quinn was from Katy's birthday when she was opening her presents.  Kent hadn't wanted his picture taken all day, but waiting for this was worth it.

Kent and Quinn

 When I was taking pictures of the girls with their dolls, Clark wanted in on the action.  Here he tried to photo bomb Kaomi's take, but was happy with the results and ran back up the yard, making sure to stay in most of Kaomi's pictures with his back towards the camera.

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