Thursday, November 21, 2013

Counting It Joy in November - Week 3

1.  Happy Chatter of kids in the morning
2.  Forgetting to start supper in the crock-pot 3 days in a row - meant we had dinner at the end of a long day later in the week.
3.  Beautiful, sunny warm days
4.  Quinn sleeping for two nights and only getting up to eat, after which he returned to his bed with no crying.
5. A whole Saturday at home - Jeff picked up our Bountiful Basket order at 7 am.
6.  Football - Denver beat the Chiefs
7.  Monday night girls Bible Study
8.  Painting
9.  Sewing doll clothes on a whim
10.  Guitar music being played by my husband
11.  Decorative houses lighting my kitchen
12.  Felicity snuggling by my feet in the early morning on the love seat

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