Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 25 in Our Homeschool - Fall 2013

Sometimes when the big kids are busy with an activity that the little kids will just mess up I give the little kids something fun to do on their own.

This week Clark made all the big kids jealous with his activity when they finished playing a game and realized that they were missing out on the fun he was having.  I quickly pointed out that they had been doing something fun that he couldn't do and they needed to let him continue his activity in peace.

Watercolors on cardboard is fun.  A piece of card board holds up longer than a piece of paper.  I add some food color to a little water and give a paint brush.  If they are wearing a light colored shirt I put a paint shirt over them, since food coloring can stain.  For paper I just use a couple drops of food coloring, but when we use cardboard I put several drops since the cardboard is darker colored.

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