Thursday, November 7, 2013

Counting it Joy in Novemeber - Week 1

This month I am working on counting it joy.  A couple years ago I wrote about James 1:2-4 and really enjoyed the experience.  So once a week this month I plan to show you a list of the things that I can think of being joyful and blessings of things that have taken place this week.

1.  A broken bowl - no one was injured when Katy dropped a serving bowl that literally exploded all over the kitchen and beyond.
2.  A crick in my neck - I get to care for my own baby and sometimes that means sleeping in odd positions after getting up with Quinn during the night.
3.  Big children helping little children get breakfast.
4. Sewing - something I enjoy doing, but often don't feel like I have the time to work on projects.  It's satisfactory to complete something, whether it is mending or a project that I've been wanting to sew.
5. Jeff coming into the kitchen and seeing that the dishwasher needs to be filled and doing it.
6.  Interruptions - shows that the kids need me in their lives, even when it takes me 30 minutes to remake the bed.
7.  Playing a grand piano for a friend who is learning some songs that she needs to practice singing.  -I never thought I'd be practicing on a grand piano.

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