Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 11 in Our Homeschool - Fall 2013

In our homeschool I require every assignment on a loose piece of paper to have a name and date on it.  Since I have up to three children and sometimes toddlers doing the assignments I don't need to be trying to figure out their work and writing their name and the date when they can do it while completing the page.  If their work is in a notebook or folder I require the date on the page they are completing.  I don't require the date in a workbook that they fill in, but occasionally I will write the date on the page that they finished, just so I have an idea when they might have been working on a certain concept.  I do write the date for Kaomi most of the time, since she hasn't learned that on her own, unless she is copying it.  Even though I require the date and their name, everyone seems to struggle with this most of the time.  I usually mark it for them to add while they do corrections  Am I asking too much? 

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