Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 28 in Our Homeschool - Fall 2013

Here are a few homeschooling resources I use as encouragement and guidance for me as the teacher.

1.  My Bible has God's wisdom, guidance, and encouragement for me.  This is where the foundation is for me to learn how to be a Godly mother/teacher.

2.  A Mom Just Like You by Vickie and Jayme Farris.

3.  Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Terri Maxwell

4.  Training Children to be Strong in Spirit by Michael Pearl.  I haven't read this yet, but am anticipating that it will be helpful.

5.  Raising Arrows by Amy is a blog that I enjoy reading for the homeschool and mom factor.  I find it encouraging.  It is one of a very few that I subscribe to because I enjoy reading it each day.

6.  Homeschool Giveaways is another that I subscribe to.  I almost never visit their homepage.  They feature a once a week freebie and many of them I have been able to take advantage of and use in our homeschool or home.  Since it comes to my e-mail I can quickly decide if it is something I am interested in or not and take action at that time.

7.  Large Family Mothering  by Sherry Hayes.

8.  Toliver's to Texas by Gwen Toliver.  She provides reviews and a look into their family and school that can be encouraging and entertaining.

I'm sure that there are other resources out there that are great and I have yet to find them.  Sometimes I find a resource that is great for a season in my life and then I pass it on or stop using it when it no longer adds to my criteria for being helpful.

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