Friday, December 6, 2013

Peace in the Storm

The pittering sound on the window is peaceful.
The sleet continues all night.
Even Quinn must have thought it was peaceful,
for he slept a little over 5 hours.
He woke with his usual scream,
but quickly began unusual chattering in his bed.
The peaceful sounds lull me back toward the land of sleep.
I realize that I should get up with Quinn.
Then I notice the soft glow through the window.
Everything is white outside,
reflecting the little bits of light from houses
and the street light on the corner.
The Christmas lights on the house across the street
reflect off the accumulating sleet, making it look like Christmas.
It is a peaceful view.
The pittering sound continues,
giving knowledge to the treachery of the roads and sidewalks.
The sounds and view give understanding of the
freezing temperatures to be felt outside.
We will spend the day cozy at home,
enjoying the peacefulness and prettiness
of the ice storm.

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  1. I loved this peaceful picture! Made me want to cuddle up and watch the storm with you. :-)

    Missy S.


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