Monday, December 16, 2013

Ice Strom Pictures 2

On Saturday, December 7th, after the ice storm my brother and his family came over to enjoy playing outside with us.  I didn't get any pictures of their older boys, since they weren't around when I was out taking pictures.  We also took Quinn outside for his first picture in the icy white weather.  He was interested in it, but wasn't to keen on sledding on a cookie sheet or sitting on the ice.

Quinn, Jeff, and Ben

Jeff and Quinn

Quinn sledding on a cookie sheet


Lisse and Jojo watching out the window

Samarah and Quinn

On Sunday we had a worship service at our home, since church was canceled.  We had one family who tried to come, but struggled to walk out of their driveway and decided it was safer to stay home and not fall and potentially get hurt. 

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